Statement of Non-financial Performance for 2022

New Generations of Entrepreneurs

Our raison d'être...

Working TOGETHER to build engineered structures that are changing the world and which we can be proud of

Structuring ourselves to accelerate the transition

Antoine metzger


« Linking people together, and facilitating interaction, sharing and mobility for as many people as possible: these are the ultimate goals of everything we do at NGE. »

Laurence Lavit

CSR Director

« Ours is a cross-disciplinary role, and every day I get to see the human values that unite all our employees, managers and directors right across the Group. »

Jean bernadet

Chief Executive Officer

« More than at any time in our past, NGE now sees CSR as an invaluable source of opportunities, innovation, performance and cohesion »

Our stakeholders


2022 milestones

16,484 employees including 12,379 in France
3.085 bn€ in annual revenue
9000 employee shareholders
17 countries
118 M€ of equipment investment
214,5 M€ EBITDA

Risk mapping and materiality matrix


Our commitments

Putting people first

NGE places people at the heart of its corporate project, with the aim of cultivating unity and solidarity between all its teams.

NGE operates in a particularly tense employment context. There is a shortage of manpower, difficulties in recruiting all profiles, the emergence of a new relationship with work and new aspirations, particularly among young people.

To ensure its growth, the Group must innovate to meet its recruitment needs, retain its employees and guarantee the development of its talents.

Working to deliver the ecological transition

Faced with the urgent need to protect the environment, NGE is mobilizing its teams to accelerate the ecological transition.

Mitigating and adapting to climate change, prudent management of natural resources and preserving biodiversity are key to a sustainable future.

Developing our regional roots and social utility sustainably

In France and around the world, NGE builds infrastructure for and with local communities, weaving and strengthening links to improve mobility, living conditions and exchanges. We cultivate long-lasting, local relationships.

NGE makes a major contribution to the economic, social and environmental development of its regions.

Promoting a strong culture of corporate social responsibility

To make its CSR policy operational, efficient and effective in the field, NGE mobilizes and involves its stakeholders – suppliers, employees and customers.

NGE is committed to instilling and anchoring ethical values and behavior within its ecosystem. Advancing the Group’s corporate social responsibility requires a participatory dynamic involving all its stakeholders.